Watch: The Nordic DEI Paradox - Not So Paradoxical?

Watch the panel on-demand:

Equality Check's CEO & cofounder, Marie Louise Sunde was an expert panelist alongside Icelandic entrepreneur, Margrét Bjarnadöttir, with the discussion being hosted by Tuula Rytila, a corporate vice president at Microsoft Digital. 

The myth of the Nordic DEI paradox

The Nordic and Scandinavian region is regularly held as a world leader in pioneering workplace equality. Over the last few decades a number of solutions have been implemented to encourage this, for example, offering some of the best paid parental leave in the world combined with affordable childcare; Norway was the first country in the world to introduce gender quotas for corporate boards.

And yet, some will point to data and argue that despite the long-term application of these solutions, the Nordic countries have some of the most gender segregated workplaces in Europe.

Is the really true? Has decades of social and regulatory work to balance out the scales really had no impact? 

Watch the panel recording to see this myth be deconstructed, and why data is crucial to a more equal workplace for everyone, not just in the Nordics, but around the globe.  

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